William T. James (Terry) has produced a number of books involving Bible prophecy and its impact upon the world today. With most of his books Terry acts the general editor, gathering analysis and insight by some of America's foremost writers, broadcasters and other experts in the field. Terry was kind enough to allow me to host several chapters from five of his most recent books.


The Porpoise Driven Life A critique of Warren's book

Jacob's Trouble 666 End time novel

1. Characteristics of End-Time Man ----- by William T. James
2. Israel: The Clear Signal ----- by William T. James
3. The Rapture ----- by David Breese
4. Europe and the Prince That Shall Come ----- by David Breese
5. Antichrist, Armageddon, and... ----- by John Walvoord
6. The Shout Heard Around the World ----- by Thomas Ice
7. Gathering Clouds of Global Godlessness ----- by Bill Perkins
8. False Peace: The Pseudo-Storm Shelter ----- by Randall Price
9. Forecasting Earth's Furious Finish ----- by Phil Arms
10. Forewarning the Future Fuhrer ----- by Daymond R. Duck
11. Judgment at Jerusalem ----- by David Allen Lewis
12. Asia's Armageddon Army ----- by Michael Hile
13. Is Silence Golden? ----- by Joseph Carr
14. Israel - The Heart of Prophecy ----- by David Allen Lewis
15. The New World Order of Prophecy ----- by Robert Lindsted
16. Cyclone of Apocalypse ----- by Dave Breese
17. Flashes of Falling Away ----- by Dave Hunt
18. Peace Be Still ----- by William T. James
19. Will God Destroy Russia? ----- by Tim LaHaye
20. Satan's War against God ----- by Henry Morris
21. Day's of Our Lives ----- by William T. James
22. When Millions Vanish! ----- by William T. James
23. The Roman Empire's Greatest Caesar ----- by Dave Breese
24. The Ultimate Hiding Place ----- by David Webber
25. All the King's Men... ----- by Dave Breese
26. Why We Watch ----- by Dr. John F. Walvoord
27. Rapture: Three Fascinating Discoveries! ----- by Grant Jeffrey
28. False Christs, False Prophets, Deceivers Arise ----- by Bob Anderson
29. Famines, Pestilence, Earthquakes,... ----- by Lester Sumerall
30. Perilous Times in a Wicked Generation ----- by Steve Butler
31. Decline and Fall of the American Family ----- by Chuck Missler
32. The Great Physician's RX for Mankind ----- by John Wesley White

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