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  • Thru the Bible Radio Dr. J. Vernon McGee is the host of the radio and internet based minisrty. The fact that he's been dead for many years hasn't stopped him from carrying on with the Lord's work. today."
  • Hal Lindsey In the late sixties Hal proved himself to be a prophet when he told Dave Hunt, "There are too many books on prophecy being written today."
  • Lamb & Lion Ministries. This is no Christian petting zoo. It's one of the best prophecy ministries on the internet.
  • According To Prophecy Ministries There's nothing sour about this pre-trib web site based out of Lemon Grove, California.
  • Prophecy Central A link to his links which will link you back to my links.
  • The Bible prophecy Page. More links to links that are linked in the previous link to links that are linked you back to my links.
  • Christine's Site Hummm, Is her website called "Welcome" or is she just welcoming us?
  • Zola Levit Because so many conspiracy folks have accused Rapture Ready of being part of a "Jewish plot," I thought, now that the cover is blown, it no longer matters if I posted one of my Jewish resource contacts.

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